Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Look Up and Gladden!

Lest you think I'm a bit crazy to say we should pump ourselves up and do so often throughout the day, the Bible puts it this way.

Philippians 4:8 tells us to think on pure, lovely virtuous, excellent truth and in fact to fix our mind on such thoughts. He wants us to dwell on truth, so it's not just me saying, "Pump yourself up!"

I had to remind myself several times yesterday as I trudged through my physical difficulties that He loved me and that He cared about my weaknesses and physical struggles. The cool thing is that not only was I reminding myself, I was reminding Him as well. 

Philippians 4:4 is one that we almost speak without thinking. Rejoice in the Lord always. In light of this mindset, however, I believe that it gives a whole new meaning to rejoicing in the Lord. The truth is very good news. It is soothing to the soul. By repeating truth, by fixing it in my head, I remind my heart which does, indeed, delight us and gladden our hearts. It makes us look up and "gladden".

Monday, June 29, 2015

Pump Up with Truth!

Sometimes we have to pump ourselves up. I mean, I hate running on empty. I hate feeling unfueled. I hate feeling like God isn't there. You know what I mean? But, the truth is that it's just a feeling. A feeling that is not based on truth.

I mean, I can do all the right things and still not feel like God is there. After several days of company and visiting, I needed to do some refueling this morning. I needed to regain my peace. Once I wrote truth, I just kept going:

Truth is: He is there!
Truth is: He does care!
Truth is: He cares about our physical difficulties.
Truth is: He cares about our strength (or lack thereof).
Truth is: He care about you!
Truth is: He loves you!
Truth is: He gave Himself up for you!
Truth is: He cherishes you!

Yes. He cherishes you! Remind yourself frequently by repeating truth throughout the day. Yes. Pump yourself up with truth!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Angels On Guard!

Not a fan of rainstorms. Rain is good as long as it's not a storm. Storms, definitely not fun, even if I am safely tucked indoors. Driving in heavy rain is terrifying! Maybe I've had too many close calls. Driven through a tornado, witnessed tornadoes heading down our highway, even landed in a ditch. Although I surprisingly survived, I have a fear of storms.

Today we had a dry drive all the way to The Cities in spite of the forecast for rain. We enjoyed a wonderful baby shower, after which I headed to my home town and met with my neighborhood friends. We had a great gab fest, even managed to get a few photos taken, but as we were leaving the deluge began.

I didn't make it very far. The windshield wipers were not able to keep up with the torrential downpour. I had to pull over right on 494 that loops The Cities. There were cars that went whipping by me only to come to a screeching halt a mere few hundred feet ahead of me. I wondered if there was some flooding up ahead. 

I sat and wondered what to do. I hated to just sit there, but it didn't look like traffic was moving very fast. I couldn't see to pull back into traffic either. After a bit, I was finally able to see enough to get back into the flow and move forward. Aaah! There was an accident ahead. I took my time. Well, traffic was moving along about 35-40 mph, so we all took our time. Yours truly, gripped the steering wheel, sang a few choruses and asked that the Lord send His angels to guard me and help me to see.

We made it home. The rains slowed down and I was able to resume my normal highway speeds. We breezed back home and even missed the storms that were in Wisconsin. Oh hallelujah and praise the Lord!  I'm sure glad His angels are on guard.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sport that Pixie!

Wow. What a busy crazy weekend and it isn't even over yet.

Hubby's brothers surprised us by showing up at the shop yesterday. Everything was wild and crazy after that. Of course, it's Musky Fest in Hayward. We had a prior invitation for fish fry which we were able to keep because they had more than enough fish for the additional uncles. Then we headed on into town to check out the action. It was a lot slower last night than I had anticipated. Hoping tonight will be more productive for the local vendors.

Road trip tomorrow. Super excited. Baby shower for a new granddaughter due next month. Then, I'm meeting with the girlfriends from my old neighborhood. We call ourselves "The Fab Five". I'm definitely looking forward to that.

We might even enjoy a visit from another brother tomorrow night when we return from our road trip. In the meantime, Roxie's sporting her new doo. She's got the cutest pixie going on. She's growing into her new skin and look. Since she posted it on Facebook, I'm going to share it with my readers....who are so precious to me even though I'm not sure who most of you are.

Roxie is doing small dog rescue and coordinating that in her area...or maybe even in the state. She went to Madison to rescue the little one in the picture. This little gal was facing the needle. They were going to put her to sleep since she was a biter. She had been abused.

Being the mutha I am, I was definitely apprehensive.  It appears that we are all prone to growl and bite without the proper treatment. Just goes to show you what a little loving can do! Apparently, Roxie is now the min-pin whisperer or maybe even the canine whisperer. 

I'm thankful to see Roxie sparkle and proud to see her able to sport that pixie.

Friday, June 26, 2015

View From the Top!

I've written before that I have a special name for God, a name that is between Him and I, Ump-pa (Ultimate Master Planner Papa)! Because He is the ultimate one who is better at making plans and so often has to help me and cover my back even though I try to plan.

The other day, I realized that although it's a cute nickname or pet name between us, it probably lacks the power and authority of His real names. So, I tried out a few, but had to stop to look up what they mean. Adonai (Your Lordship), I AM (everything you need) and El Shaddai. Oh yeah, some songs are timeless, so I had to stop and sing....Yeah Amy Grant!

El Shaddai (God Almighty! God of the Mountains!) Amen! I like that. God is God of the mountains. Yes, indeed. He made them and when He returns His word tells us that He will place one leg on Mount Zion and the other leg on another mountain. I can only imagine how BIG He must be.

So, then the hurdles we face today are nothing to Him. Sweet. Let us rise and soar above all the hurdles. Yes, let us soar like eagles in our own happy resting place underneath His wings! AMEN!

What we see and experience, whether difficult or mundane, ordinary or painful, He is able to carry us through. Whew! And, wow, what a ride and view from the top!