Thursday, April 28, 2016

Just as Noble!

While I was on the subject (see yesterday's post), one has to consider how the American culture devalues motherhood. As if motherhood is no longer important. We've all heard it, "Oh, you're just a stay at home mother." To which we hang our head a bit as if we have nothing noble or of value to contribute. (The pressure for men to work and be away from their families is no less of an issue, so feel free to substitute fatherhood for motherhood.)

The American culture respects achievement and success, thinness, beauty, youth and possessions. I'm 30, 40, 50 (or whatever age) and have nothing to show for it. I've heard it numerous times and even from my own family members. As if greed trumps value. Oh yes. We've gotten the message time and time again. It's in your face every day. It's just about the money. That's what runs our country.

BUT, when it comes to raising your children, you better think twice, because there is actually nothing - NOTHING - more important than giving a child your time. There is no job greater than being a parent who deliberately invests his (or her) energy into building a life of character and moral fiber. The child who is blessed with such a parent will develop a stability that will transcend the storms of life. They will become men and women of dignity and confidence.

Oh, and that Coach purse or those expensive shoes or threads? They'll be in the Goodwill pile soon enough, but the child will be a return that will produce a future generation and so on and so on.

Frankly, raising a child or children is no less noble than being a missionary or feeding the poor in India. In fact, it's just as noble!


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Simply Lived & They Lived Simply!

Hubby is too cute for words. He asked me if I needed to blog. Hmmm. Well. Come to think of it, I did have something on my mind.

My step-daughter recently made a comment at Sunday Fun Day. Yesterday it hit me. (Yes. I'm slow.) This morning I was able to journal some thought about it. It has to do with finding our purpose or gifts which actually coincides with the next chapter in Honestly, by Daniel Fusco where he talks about imitating God like a child imitates their daddy.

I wonder sometimes if the message we've received about finding our purpose, whether by the church or the media has actually made this bigger than it needs to be and, therefore, it adds to our stress. As if we don't have enough stress.

Oprah feeds the message that there are some who find their ultimate achievement through a dream come true. The church has their sacrificing martyrs who totally give up their lives to go to the lost tribes in the Congo or some remote place that no one has ever heard of. Let's not forget the greatest humanitarian most like Jesus himself, Mother Teresa!

God bless them, but who can live up to that? It makes an ordinary every day life fade and fade fast. An ordinary life pales in the light of such a tremendous sacrifice for the betterment of humanity. 

An ordinary Joe Blow who goes to work every day to feed his family? A mother who stays at home to love and care for her child? Think about it. Before media. Back in the day. That's what people did. They raised their children and dad went to work to put food on the table. They simply lived and they lived simply.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

What is Going Right!

It should be another week at the accounting office. I've managed to catch up on most of the stuff that piled up while we finished up the taxes that had to be in. But we have a new project to focus on this week.

Here on the home front and in the north woods, we are still in worm production. Hubby is pouring the plastic into the molds and then laying them out to cool. Then he brings them home where we trim and bag them. Then he staples them on tags to hang on hooks to wherever they are needed.

I've managed to continue to slowly work through my latest book, Honestly. It's gotten a bit more aggressive for me. That means I've gotten my GRRRRR going because, honestly, sometimes I have questions. Case in point: Page 80 - 1. How can I be more aware of Jesus walking with me through the mess? 2. What does my life flourishing in Jesus actually look like? Seriously! Here's what I wrote one morning:

GRRRR. Frankly, my dear....... #1 - Well, you know, I look for the good thing in every day, even if it is just my morning coffee or if perhaps the sun was shining or if I got to enjoy sitting in the sunshine for 2 minutes. Otherwise, I write down any answers to specific prayers......#2 - Maybe I need to reconsider my view of what I'd like to see!

Tonight, I was encouraged by what I read. I really enjoyed the author's specific examples of how he prays the good things in his life. Here are a couple examples:

"Lord, thank you that my marriage is doing great. I want to go deeper. I want to be a better spouse!"

"I'm stuck in traffic right now, but that colorful tree on the side of the road reminds me: You rock! You're awesome. And, thanks for the sweet tunes on the radio!"

That's the only way to fly! Focus on what is going right!

Monday, April 18, 2016


Another tax season down and it's hubby's birthday today. We ended up working late, so I just got home. Hubby's fired up the grill. Yes. He has to grill his own birthday steak. Hey, at least he gets to eat red meat! It's all good as far as he's concerned.

My boss still has a lot of taxes yet to do. We put 40 returns on extension and that doesn't count some corporate taxes that were put on extension in March. We'll be busy for awhile yet. There's a lot of "after tax" counts to do and I have to go through and be sure we billed everyone. That kind of stuff.

Tomorrow is a day to stay at home. Hubby's in full production mode at the bait shop. He's pouring plastic worms. I will be trimming and bagging tomorrow. IN MY SWEATS! Gonna be a great day! 

In the meantime, we be celebrating!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Both Really Needed That!

One thing leads to another....oh yeah. Connecting the dots today means that I need to back up to the beginning of this week to a haunting question that came to me while working or writing about my own smelly messy lifeless stuff. I was only on page seventeen of Honesty where Author Dan asked how I might see Jesus as being difficult which led to a whole different tangent. (The one where I wrote about how I didn't care about writing or blogging anymore.)

But in the middle of that tangent, the question came to me, "When do I feel connected to God?" I literally kind of drew a blank. In fact, I felt rather stumped. But, it wasn't ironic that a Focus on the Family segment came on the local radio in the afternoon. The topic was about how men and women connect. Men connect by doing things together, like go hunting or fishing. Women connect by heartfelt meaningful communication. 

YEAH! CHA! That's right! I feel connected to God when He communicates with me or makes Himself known or revealed in a special way. So simple, yet so deep and it made me think. Hubby and I need to do more fun things together so we connect on his level. And, we need to be sure we communicate in heartfelt meaningful conversation for me.

Hubby and I left town last night. Took off right away after work and headed north. What a beautiful overnight. We hooked up with my brother and his S.O. as well as my niece and her S.O. We spent time sitting out in the sunshine today overlooking Lake Superior. AAAAH. We both really needed that.