Monday, September 29, 2014

Breast Cancer Puzzle

OK. Seriously. Until it happens to you, you have no idea!

Then, even when it happens to you, you still have no idea. God help us.

This road we walk? No idea!! As much as we try to plan or prepare?  We still have to pray, "all our efforts mean nothing if God above does not intervene."

With less than a week to go before the big surgery, Roxie's surgeon believes that the insurance company may not cover reconstructive surgery on the one breast they may deem is still healthy. At a cost of approximately $17,000.00, that's a small price and yet a big debt for a struggling family to incur.

Well, it just so happened that while we were in St. Cloud last week, there was a window display for breast cancer awareness where I read and took a picture of the following notice:

After telling Roxie again about this sign, I did the next best thing. I googled it. There in black and white it says that the insurance company has to pay for reconstruction of the other breast to produce a symmetrical appearance.

I'm glad they put up the display where I would walk by it to enter the trade show. I'm glad I gave pause to stop and read it. I'm definitely glad I took a picture of it. And, I'm glad that I was able to share the information with Roxie to share with her surgeon. I think that's a definite God-thang; putting together the pieces of our puzzle.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

In Loving Memory

We continue to talk about Scott often. We connect with the loves of his life whenever we share our love for Scott. We see his father often when he pops in to see us and he usually brings us some muffins or even lunch on occasion. I chat via text with his beautiful girlfriend. She's precious. I wish we lived closer, but the miles do not keep us from connecting heart to heart.

We were not able to attend the grave site family ceremony. I felt like a bad friend, but it was during our busy time, so wasn't at a time that worked for us.

We talked about going to the site, but hubs said it would be too painful. I know. Yesterday, I mentioned that I wanted to go visit Scott's site. Hubby said, he was ready to go with me, so after he closed the shop, we made a trip to the cemetery to say hi.

We both fought back tears, but it was good to visit. I'm still thrilled that he is right behind our shop. He would have liked that.

That's definitely in loving memory.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Just Juice!

One of the first decisions I made upon hearing that my daughter had breast cancer, was to dust off our juicer. It's quite possibly one of the first original juice machines, but it works. We used to juice regularly. I'm not sure why we quit, other than for lack of fresh vegetables.

The benefits of juicing can be debated, I'm sure, but when I'm able to eat fresh fruits and vegetables (during the summer or in Florida with my mother) I feel better. That being said, I have discovered that eating fruits in the morning is easier on my stomach and I've started my wake up process with a banana or whatever other fresh fruit we might be able to obtain or I've chosen to eat vegetables, which have usually been leftovers warmed up.

Hubby was immediately on board. He's tried the spinach and green leafy vegetables in the past and wasn't a fan, so we have stuck with his preferred, tried and true recipe of 3 carrots, 1 celery stalk, 1 apple and 1 slice of fresh ginger about 1/4 inch and the size of a nickel per person. It has a wonderful flavor which we both enjoy. On those mornings where he leaves before I am up, he puts my juice in an air tight container, so it retains its orange color and freshness.

I also start my morning off with a full glass of water. That's upon rising. Before my coffee. Before my juice.

The other thing I've brought back into my morning routing is to drink a teaspoon or so (it's a splash) of unfiltered cider vinegar in a glass of water. Several years ago, I discovered that it took away my stomach aches. I do this after the juice but before I eat.

Maybe it makes us think we feel better, but if I think I feel better, I say it's worth it. Not only that, but I find I drink more water this way. Besides that, it makes me feel like I can do something, and, if I feel like I can do something to make a difference, then let's just do it. Yes. Just juice!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Helping Hands!

In ten more days, Roxy will have her surgery. In nine days, I plan to be on the road. Organization has progressed.

Today, I logged onto the online calendar created for Roxie. (I'm assuming any family in need can set up a calendar at since there is an option to create a new care calendar.

What a great idea to help the family and friends view the family calendar. They are then free to sign up to help cover a meal or task such as to pick up or drop off children at school. 

Today, I did my menu plans on a Excel spreadsheet to make it easy for Roxie to check her supplies and even her spices for my menus. She can even ask her friend to check her cupboards for items on the list and then someone will be able to use the list for the actual shopping when the time comes.

Roxie is starting to feel the pressure of the quickly approaching day. She's in a sort of 'nesting' mode which means she has a sudden urge to get everything done in the event that she does not return to earth as we know it. (I know. I tell her not to think this way.)  She's cleaning out all her cupboards and closets. Yeow! I did volunteer to head to her house earlier, but she promised she would ask a local friend to help her until I get there.

Another friend started a Support Roxie Facebook page for us.

It's amazing the love that is demonstrated by so many eager helping hands.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

4th Batch!

We are on our fourth batch of cookies!

Granny's super chewy oatmeal cookies.

Check those bad boys out. Although I had to buy the first three batches of cookies, it was only appropriate that the first batch I baked were granny's cookies. She was the ultimate cookie baker in her old age, after her mother, of course.

We give a huge hooray shout out to all our friends and customers who so graciously grab a cookie and throw their change or dollars in the pot. We appreciate all the support.