Monday, July 27, 2015

Count the Ways!

Keeping a calendar of the ways that God showers us with surprises, answers to prayers, blessings and other really cool stuff is a great faith builder. It's documentation of His love. It documents our relationship and it becomes a treasure. It's a permanent record.

This documentation builds expectation. What will happen today? I jump out of bed wondering what treasure I will receive today. It makes us become more aware and conscious of His presence and His love. It helps us become more secure in His love and we know that His perfect love also chases our fear(s) away.

This is a mighty faith building tool. One that I had started in a smaller notebook years ago, but somehow, when writing morning pages took over my journals, I didn't isolate the events as well. Since my calendar/planner is always with me, it's easy to stop and record our blessings. I can't help but be overwhelmed and thankful.

How great is His love towards us? Let us count the ways!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Love us!

After confessing the error of my way yesterday morning (see yesterday's post), it was wonderful to go about our business with a renewed sense of faith. In fact, I was blessed to remember that He is able to more than make up for my bad. So I told Him, "You always covers my back!"

I am thankful to report that yesterday's stash of $50s and $100s was more than doubled. Whoo hoo. I love that He covered my back again!

Speaking of thanks, in January, I wrote that I wanted to keep a jar with praise reports on slips of paper. That actually didn't work out so well for me. Too many pieces of paper. Solution? Get rid of the slips of paper. Write them in my calendar pages. You know what? Since I started that, there hasn't been a day that has passed where I haven't had something good to write in my calendar. We've had some really cool answers to prayer!

Yeppers. It's an awesome way to remember all the wonderful things He does. It's a great way to build your faith and to realize how much He really does do for us. Otherwise, we tend to forget or just plain think that He doesn't really do so much for us. I challenge you. Start a calendar. You just might be surprised at how many ways He helps us out. He really does love us!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Forgive Us!

This morning it came to me that I had ick-snayed on my own plan which I had confidently set up in all faith. Since we have a seasonal business, we try to save up whatever we can in order to make it through the winter. In my efforts to accomplish this, I try to save every $50 and $100 bill that comes in for our winter fund. I've never counted up how much we've been able to save over the years by doing this. It's part of trusting God to decide.

It happened that I overlooked a couple bills that had been attached to other bills that were marked "spring" order. I assumed all the bills that were clipped together to be from the spring order. Nope. Unbeknownst to be, there were a couple bills from what is called the hot buy tent. I missed the July 1st payment date. Plus, I now have another payment due August 1st that I hadn't planned on. 

Crap. I'd already mailed a check to pay the other bills that were due by August 1st. I had just received a $100 bill. In fact it was still in my pocket. There were two $50 bills in the bank bag. I should have grabbed them for our savings, but decided that we needed them in order to pay the extra bills, so when I made a trip to the bank I threw in the $200 in order to cover the extra payment.

This morning while reading and writing, I realized the error of my lack of faith. I immediately repented of my sin. I never meant to imply that my bills were greater than my God or what He could handle. Wow. It's so hard to be good, isn't it? Our faith is tested all the time and I screw up all the time. Lord, save me from myself and from the love of money or the security it provides, albeit a false sense of security.

I am so thankful that when we confess our sins, He is faithful to forgive us. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Stand in All Faith Believing!

Wow. I think I could write forever, for the rest of my life on what it means to be blessed. In fact, I'm still finding greater depths to forgetting shame. It's as if every morning is a new discovery. I hope and pray that you, too, are realizing the wonderful joy of living shame-free.

I have often been asked how if feels to work or be part of a bait shop. One gal commented that she supposed I never dreamt of growing up and working in a bait shop. Sometimes guys ask out of curiosity if I am part owner or if I just work there. Other guys snub me because I am female. That's O.K. It is a man cave after all!

How do I deal with it?  It helps that I know that hubby loves what he's doing and that he is really good at it. That makes it easy for me to be happy for him.

There is a verse which I learned years ago from David's Psalm 84:10 that goes like this..."I would rather be a doorkeeper in your house than to live my whole life somewhere else"....that's the version I learned to sing anyway. As I have come to accept this place where I now spend much of my days, I found myself singing my own adaptation while I worked and it went like this. I would rather scoop smelly fish in His bait shop than to spend my life on a yacht on the ocean with the wicked....and I truly meant it! 

It's sometimes so hard to understand our journeys. It's discouraging when we experience loss of any kind. Loss of the life we once had. Loss is painful. It's hard and dog-gone-it....sometimes it's just not fun. But...we have the hope that all things work out for good. We have the hope that there is a greater purpose than what we see and experience. We have the hope that this too shall pass!

It is that hope that gives us strength in the desert. It is that hope that makes us stand in all faith believing!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

God's Beloved Daughters

By Merrilynn Grodecki

This book is actually a combination devotional and an in-depth Bible study. The author has worn many hats as teacher, doctor, lawyer, pastor, headmaster but was moved after years of study to write this devotional in order to "strengthen, establish, exhort, comfort and encourage" women of faith to be equipped to stand and walk in faith.

I was immediately drawn to this book because I had already launched my own study of what it meant to be blessed. When I read the reviews, I had to admit that I was a bit apprehensive, but something told me to read it for myself and make up my own mind. 

There is no doubt that Merrilynn is a teacher. She backs her statements with multiple scripture passages as well as by defining and amplifying the meaning of words like Shalom and faith. I found myself moved to repentance as well as exhorted and strengthened. I'd have to say that it was definitely a breath of encouragement for me. 

Not only a teacher, Merrilynn is definitely an exhorter. This book is her exhortation for women to step up to the plate, put on their robes of God-given rights and authority and to boldly walk in faith to stand on the promises and faithfulness of God. 

After several days of reading the ebook on my iPhone, I have decided that I need to purchase a hard copy of this devotional so I can more easily navigate the pages and find what I'd like to re-read for myself or to share with someone else. As a daily devotional, it would take a year to read if studied on a daily basis. I believe it would be a year well spent! I highly recommend this devotional to equip God's daughters to replicate His kingdom here on earth!

Thank you BookLook Bloggers for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my review. I was not required to give a positive review. The opinions expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255. 

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