Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Since embarking on my 21 day prayer venture*, my prayer outline has done a bit of a morph from the top ten list** I previously posted. I still use the top ten, but I've consolidated it into the following:

I pray for deliverance from the power of darkness and to be filled with the power of God and strengthened with His might. I pray that Christ may dwell in our hearts and that we will know the love of Christ, that He will make us complete to work what is pleasing in His sight. AND that we would abide in Him and not be ashamed at His coming. Let us prosper in Godliness. AMEN!

I've also continued to ask for several days now, and often throughout the day, "Lord, what is your pleasure?"*** In other words, what pleases you? 

This morning I prayed that we might be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom, understanding and discernment...especially as it relates to decisions regarding our grandchildren. That would be complete and clear knowledge of the pleasure of God. Pleasure. As in, delight, enjoyment, satisfaction and even amusement. In order to really know God, one would need to know what pleases Him.

Well, duh. There's a bazillion verses about what pleases God: His son, His creation, His fame, our obedience, the prayers of His children and those who hope in Him.  So, then. It gave me joy to know that it gives Him joy when we pray and hope in Him. When I realized the pleasure it gives me to see my sons and daughters enjoy their God-given talents and gifts, like my son with his drawings, I knew a little bit about how that might give God pleasure and I couldn't help but feel pleased!


Monday, May 23, 2016

Pour on Your Soothe!

I couldn't help but think about Corrie Ten Boom today because she was in the middle of a physical war and yet was able to help so many people. It was a huge risk to their own family, yet they were determined to do something, so they had a secret room built into the wall behind Corrie's bedroom.

Corrie ended up being caught because a Dutch citizen ratted on her. She and her family were beaten and hauled off to prison. Well, the point of this post is not to retell her story, but to think about our battles, which currently are not so much physical or seen as they are not seen.

I think what amazed me the most was that she never seemed to question why God wouldn't have spared her or her family? In other words, "Where was God?" or "Why didn't HE protect us?" After all, they were helping God's own chosen people, the Jews. No, but rather, they just counted it a privilege to die on their behalf.

Wow. Might I be so courageous!? I confess. I think I'm a really big wuss. Besides, with today's technology, they'd find any secret hideouts. But, I'd hate to think that I'd just stand by and let a regime beat someone for their faith or  nationality. Sadly, we know this does still happen in our world today.

The unseen battles we face? The aftermath of a bout with cancer or a physical or sexual assault can be just as difficult as the original offense. Those who engage in bullying just as cruel as the Gestapo, so it is that this morning I penned that it is indeed O.K. to pull back and lick our long as we allow Him to pour on His healing soothe. Yea. That's what I want. That's what we need. "Pour your soothe in our hearts and cover our hurts! Cover all of us. Yes. Pour on your soothe!"

Sunday, May 22, 2016

That's Restoration!

It was a busy weekend. Maybe that was a good thing. We had Sunday Fun Day Friday night instead. So, after a long day at the shop, we all pitched in and had some burgers on the grill. We had a couple extra family members as well, which included the other grandma and a grandson. He wanted to hang out with us at the shop on Saturday.

Friday night we also played switch a table. When we had to sell our house five years ago, I didn't want to part with many of my treasures. One of them was our beautiful 7' walnut table. I sent it to our son's apartment as he was the only one with a dining room big enough to use it. When he moved on, the table stayed for awhile with his old roommate. We went down to rescue it when my step-daughter moved back and bought a house in the Hayward area two years ago. This table has been on quite the journey. 

I never dreamed I'd have it back. I never dreamed that she would want to give it back. Then, I was surprised that she wanted our current table. We plan to take the table to have it refinished. Not stripped, but it needs a little glue, a little stain and a coat of varnish.

Now that's restoration!

Friday, May 20, 2016

His Baby Doll!

Funny how you receive messages sometimes. I was blessed to hear a Focus on the Family broadcast yesterday on my way into town.* It was a discussion with practical advise for parents on connecting with their children. Dr. Purvis gives insight into how this connection happens in relationships or how the disconnect happens, as is more often the case. I was totally amazed and blown away by this new understanding and wisdom.


If that wasn't enough, after a discussion yesterday with my bestie, I had to read a bit about God's will and discovered that it nearly always was used of God and referred to His preferred will, wish or desire from thelema and thelo (to wish, to desire).

So, I had to wonder what His pleasure was for today. It led me to Numbers 6:25.  Bottom line: We are meant to experience God's favor on us, like a mother who is delighted and thrilled to smile on her newborn child. God gives us that kind of an adoring smile. We belong to Him. He loves us even when we fail. Even when we screw up. Even when we have sinned. No, He doesn't love our sin or our screw ups, but He still delights in us. (For more indepth insight, see ** link below.)

So, what that means is that only in the foundation of security in a parent's love (or God's love) are we able to smile and share God's loving nature with others. That nature which is seen in the twinkling delight of proud a Papa for His Baby Doll!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Before I Die

Sometimes life just sucks. Sometimes life just plain hurts. Because serious things happen even to good people. Maybe, sometimes, especially to good people or at least it may seem that way. We all ask the same questions. "Where is God?" or "Where was God?" "Why doesn't He do something?" or "Why didn't He do something?"

We're still asking those questions. In fact, the longer we wait for the police to arrest the perpetrator, the longer the offense seems to drag on. The emotional and physical drain has taken it's toll on our abilities to function in any mode of normal. Sleep as well as food and water intake have been disrupted. The little things that used to make my day have now lost their joyful appeal. Now, I drink my coffee but fail to even give it much notice. Now, I realize the sun is shining, but it's lost its appeal.
And, we wonder, "Will we ever be carefree again?" 

Hope. I had such hopes!
What a dope!
I held out for good
-as we all should
But (like Job), the house fell down
Poor (like Jack) who broke his crown
My hands are empty
My heart is torn a-plenty
So it is I wonder & cry,
"Will I ever see good before I die?"