Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy Birthday to me!

The best birthday present of all?  

Besides having Roxie doing so well after her chemo? 
Besides having a wonderful visit with everyone in Oshkosh?
Besides being home for awhile? (Well until Christmas when we run back down to Oshkosh.) 
Besides having a nice birthday dinner and quiet night with my hubby? 
Besides like 100 birthday greetings on FB? 
Besides lunch today with my boss?
Besides getting a paycheck?
Besides having a smooth trip home with clear roads?
Besides enjoying my cozy warm apartment and bed?
Besides presents from my friends and family?

THE Best birthday present of all was that my son started treatment today! He went. He went. He went!!!!! (even though he was very anxious about it!) ............and......he liked it. (HUGE Smiles and Huge Relief!) He was encouraged. There were only 4 people in the class. He felt comfortable and he talked. He told me that it's what he needs.

Oh happy day! Happy Birthday to me!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Home again, but something happened to the language on my blog. I have no idea how to fix it, because I can't read the options!

I hope this doesn't mean that you can't read it either. PLEASE PLEASE respond if you can read this so I will know that it's only on my end.

Thank you. Thank you for your HELP.

Yes, that's appropriate. Today, I've been amazed by all the ways that my heavenly Father has carried me and answered my cry for HELP. He's worked out so many things for me that I can't help but be overwhelmed with relief and can't stop telling HIM Thank you. Thank you for your HELP!

Monday, December 15, 2014


Roxie got an awesome gift in the mail today from another cancer survivor that she didn't even know before. It was a box full of scarves, a couple wigs and turbans. There was some peppermint oil and other helpful chemo stuff.

Roxie has always been one who has taken care of others. She is now experiencing how that comes back to her.

I think she looks pretty dang great! You'd never know she's had two chemo treatments. Two more to go! Whoo hoo.

Yes. We celebrate the everyday highlights!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Encouraged by Hope!

This morning, I told Ump-pa (My special name for God. See that I needed Him and I specifically asked Him for encouragement.

First, it blessed and encouraged my heart to be able to worship this morning not only with my family but with Roxie's best friend's family as well. (They hadn't been in a church for 2 years, and that was for a wedding.)

The sermon just happened to be on the same subject as last week's awesome message based on Luke 1. It encouraged my heart in several ways, not only as a reminder to hang in there, but I loved how he put it together. And, if I had any doubt about last week's message being for me, this was Ump-pa's way of reinforcing that it really was His word for me.

To sum it up: Belief + Trust = God's Presence which leads to service. Belief is the first step. Trust is putting your belief into action. In other words, what you believe, you will act on. You believe that a chair will hold you up, so you act on it by sitting in it. Mary acted on her belief when she hurried to see her cousin Elizabeth. This led to experiencing the presence of God. Even as they celebrated His presence, we too have the opportunity to celebrate His presence when He works things out for us. Experiencing God's presence then leads to service and deeper places that may be hard. Some who believe try to serve without learning to trust and then may give up when things get too hard.There is no skipping to serving God without learning to trust Him. Yes. I was encouraged to hang in there with the things I feel that God has promised me.

Then, Roxie's bestie's children loved Children's Church. They didn't cry and genuinely had a wonderful time. This was a big surprise to mom. She was apprehensive about how this might work for the kids. Well, they all enjoyed the pastor and the service so much that they would like to go back.

This afternoon while working on a project, I was going through my blogs and discovered that I had unknowingly prayed about Project Blanket a mere five years prior to the actual delivery of those blankets. It just  knocked  my socks off.

Yes, I was definitely encouraged by hope!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Chemo Rash

Roxie has developed a rash or burn-like marks on her hands. After checking online at, we discovered that might not be all bad. Apparently it can mean that a targeted treatment is working effectively, but we aren't quite clear as to whether she is actually being given the new drugs known as targeted treatments. 

Chemotherapy can harm healthy cells as well as the cancer cells. Targeted treatment drugs are designed to block different mechanisms by which cancer cells are nourished, grown, divide and spread. They focus on killing cancer cells and preventing their growth. The targeted treatments generally cause less severe side effects than chemo. However, some of the new drugs can lead to skin problems.

We will definitely keep an eye on this. Speaking of eyes, Roxie's eyes are pink. I noticed it earlier tonight. They look sore and they itch but she's trying so hard not to rub them because she's afraid that she will lose her eyelashes.

The radiation issue is still up in the air, but she's been doing some research and has discovered that there is now a possibility of having a shortened radiation treatment that is just as effective as the longer treatment. 

I notice that she rubs her fingers and head a lot. I notice that she has difficulty opening things because her fingers hurt and her rash is itchy. We have to watch to be sure the rash doesn't become an open wound to cause infection. She may have a rash, but she looks uber adorable in her chemo cap.