Saturday, February 28, 2015

Courage to Endure!

So, how else do we prepare for puddles? 

It's like preparing to have your first child. You will never really know what you are in for. BUT, remember Noah....God prepared him by having him build the ark. Then He had him gather the animals to put in the ark. 

The most important preparation is the fact that you must have a genuine real relationship with the Ark, Jesus Christ. It's not a religion. It's not a law. It's not about being good enough. Shoot, none of us are good enough. We all fall short. But by accepting what Christ did on the cross and because of the blood He shed being a cover for us, we are considered clean and pure. Then, and only then, are we acceptable to God. It's only by Jesus. It has nothing to do with us except that we accept His way. It is a gift. Wow. I had no plans to give the salvation message but without salvation, we can not prepare.

So, how do we prepare? By relating to Christ (once we accept His salvation) daily (moment by moment) we learn that we can count on Him to be our refuge and shelter through the storms and puddles. We know that all things work together for good. It may not seem like it, especially when you are in the puddle, but somehow and some way it will come together for good. We know because we see redemption every spring, every morning, every new sunrise. 

So, the truth is:
1. There's really only so much you can do to prepare.
2. The most important thing in the world is to accept, believe in and cling to the Lord Jesus Christ.
3. Have an active relationship with Him. Relate to Him like your best friend because He is.
4. Read His word in order for your spirit to come to know truth.
5. Trust His Spirit to guide you.

And then cling to HIM! Somehow, some way, He will provide you with the strength and the courage to endure. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Drum Roll Please....

Yes. Drum Roll because we had the best news about Roxie's mass by her ovary. It was benign. Sweet words. Wonderful words. It was benign.

I had no idea the incredible relief I was going to feel. Within several minutes of getting the message, I had to tell the first few people who came through the door at work. Thankfully, they were neighbors who have been faithfully asking how she's doing. My coworkers and neighbors are celebrating with us.

I guess we got our bone. We got some good news. In fact, I've had the best couple days I've had in a long time. And frankly, maybe my BFF is right. Maybe it is o.k. to have a meltdown. Maybe we need to get those nasty feelings out. Maybe I should vent more often. With caution, of course.

Yes...give us another drum roll please!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Stop the Madness!

One of the questions that came out of my little freak-out meltdown the other night was: If you were to scream and swear at God, what would you say? In my attempt to answer that question, I didn't end up with a top ten, but rather narrowed it down to just a few. Here's what I wrote.

1. I can't take any more sadness right now.
2. I would really like all my friends and family to be healthy and whole.
3. I know life sucks, it isn't fair, but could you throw me a bone here? Because I'm trying to be o.k. with what you've given me to deal with. Yeah. Throw me a bone because even the dogs eat crumbs from their master's table. Even the cows graze on plush pastures beside the ocean. (See previous post at
4. When do I get to wear the Princess Crown and dress for the ball? 

When I was a child, we used to go fishing during the summer and stay at a cabin on Red Lake. One day I didn't like my head cheese sandwich. I had to stay at the cabin while everyone else went out fishing. I sat there for a long time before figuring out what I was going to do. I walked out to the outhouse and threw that sandwich down the hole. (I have no idea if there were enough patrons to cover the evidence except that no one ever said anything. I didn't get in any more trouble.)

That's the connection. I felt like the bad daughter who wasn't thankful for what was on my plate. Head cheese? Really? I decided to ask where the emotional outhouse was. Where can I dump all this crap down the hole? Where can I discard and cover cancer? Where can I dump the residual side effects and pain from chemo? Where can I dump winter? The cold? My numb brain? The ringing in my ears? The stress?

Where do I go to say NO? We want to pass on cancer today. We say no thank you. The cancer will not spread. I want to shout out, "Please someone stop the madness!"

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Back From the Ledge

Ha. I wonder if you, my friends, know how much I need to get my own posts through my head. As much as I can humanly prepare for puddles and as much as my head knows that life is not fair, my heart still wishes and wants some kind of reward or compensation, if you please.

Yesterday was tough on several levels. I was definitely on the edge. It was one of those days where if someone had looked at me wrong, I might just have ended up being hauled away. I wonder if my physically feelings of being on the verge or edge of a migraine or vertigo attack is parallel to the emotional ledge I was trying to remain steady on yesterday. If one more, even very little thing would have been thrown on my shoulders, it would have completely toppled me off the edge.

That's my theory about road rage. Every one is sliding along doing the best we can to remain stable, but they (we?) are really just one little stupid driver move away from flipping out. The number of people balancing the ledge are rapidly increasing. Sadly, they are, or society as we know it, is multiplying its victims daily.

Is it really o.k. to go off? Get nuts? Do a little freak out? Scream at God? Maybe even swear at Him? I did. I confess. But, it didn't really make me feel any better because then I just felt worse. I felt guilty. Guilt because I am the bad daughter who isn't thankful for what's on my plate. 

After confessing my bad self this morning, I determined to prepare myself for today's puddles and psyched myself up (with His help) for how I would deal with my difficulties. I thought about God's grace being more than enough for my puddles and I came up with a new acronym for Grace: God's Remarkable Amazingly Comforting EMBRACE. 

As if He smiled down on me, He sent an angel to give me a hug when I needed it most today. And somehow, Grace held me firmly back from the ledge.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Prep for Puddles!

Knowing that life will sooner or later rain on one, how can we possibly prepare for difficulties and storms?

Perhaps just being aware of the likelihood of misfortunes or even disastrous storms is half the battle. It is also a huge help to eliminate the need to question why and why did this happen to me. Yessirree, pilgrim (again in my best John Wayne) it's because you are human. Not because there's something wrong with you. Not because you are flawed or did something wrong. You can do everything right and still encounter disaster. It rains on everyone (the just and the unjust). It only seems like you alone are being rained on. Know that you are not alone.

What puddles or difficulties might we encounter? Shoot, even the most sheltered of us will encounter daily difficulties or injustices. The person who doesn't know how to park so that their vehicle blocks you in is nothing compared to loss of health, loss of job or income, loss of a loved one or loved ones, loss of personal property or loss of relationships. What about a natural disaster? We've had our share of storms of Biblical proportions lately. What about shootings? Or growing old? What about famine, poverty, pestilence, flooding. Anything could happen. Even to you. 

Please, if you read nothing else, read this: KNOW that God is not the cause of these things. God is not the God of this world. The devil is! And, he's not cute and he's not fair. No. Like I used to say to my children when they'd cry out about life being unfair, "Life sucks. Then you die." Maybe that sounds morbid to you, but reality is that life is not nor ever will be fair. So, don't expect it. 

In Summary:
1. Realize the likelihood of difficulty
2. Eliminate the need to question why or assume it's just you
3. Know, trust and believe the truth!

Expect that it will rain and prep for puddles.